Mandeville Launches
Mobile App!

Mandeville is pleased to offer a NEW app that is now available
through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


The Mandeville Owner's Manual

See the Mandeville Owner’s Manual for a guide to the Mandeville Difference

Owner's Manual

Safety and Security

Mandeville Clients' Safety and Security Is Always Top of Mind
Mandeville operates under a highly regulated framework and is registered in all the provinces across Canada.

Mandeville Private Client Inc. is regulated by Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO).


Check the background, qualifications and disciplinary information on advisors at CIRO-regulated firms by generating an CIRO AdvisorReport .

Fidelity Logo
  • Mandeville Private Client Inc. has partnered with Fidelity Clearing Canada ULC ("FCC") to provide clients with their global expertise in record keeping, trade execution and custody services. Records and assets are secure under the care and control of one of Canada’s top financial organizations.
  • Clients of Mandeville can count on Fidelity’s strength and stability to safeguard their investments. Website

Mandeville Private Client Inc. is also a member of CIPF (Canadian Investor Protection Fund) which affords clients with the protection designed to offset losses should a member company become insolvent. A brochure describing the nature and limits of coverage is available upon request.


Our Values

  • Integrity  

  • Clients' Interests Above All  

  • Excellence in Execution  

  • Teamwork  

  • Community  

We act with integrity above all else through honest and complete communication; effective listening; and accountability. Our reputation is an asset that is irreplaceable and must be safe guarded.
Our clients' interests come first, and each client is unique and exceptional. We know that in the long run we will be rewarded by doing what is right for our clients.
We are committed to excellence in execution and service delivery. We strive to be "best in class, first time right, on time, every time." We will achieve client satisfaction through our product design, our client service standards and by our actions.
We value teamwork and hardwork in order to accomplish our goals. Everyone has a role to play in contributing to success. No one person has a monopoly on intelligence or creativity and everyone is valued and respected.
We are a corporate citizen that is part of a larger community. We strive to "do well and do good" by sharing our success and giving back to society.