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At Mandeville, our investment approach is based on the concept that since the needs of the high net worth and institutional investor are the same as the wealth-seeking investor, the portfolio profiles should be similar.

The world’s most successful institutions and high net worth investors have traditionally created their wealth using an asset mix combining traditional and private and alternative investments.

As a successful seasoned Advisor, how well does the offering from your current dealer allow you to answer the following questions?

Do your clients’ portfolios look like CPP’s?

CPP maximizes their clients’ illiquid assets. Do you?

Could the price of liquidity be jeopardizing your clients’ financial security?

At Mandeville we equip our Advisors with the tools needed to differentiate themselves from the rest of the marketplace and to truly address clients' needs.

Michael Lee-Chin,

Welcome to Our Aspiring Advisor Program!

Are you a motivated individual eager to jump-start your career as a financial advisor?

At Mandeville, we recognize the importance of nurturing and developing the next generation of financial advisors. That's why we've created this program to provide aspiring talent with the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to succeed as a financial advisor.

If you're ready to take the first steps toward a successful career as a financial advisor, don't miss this opportunity. Your path to success as a financial advisor starts here.

Apply by December 1st for the Fall Program.


The next Program will commence in early 2024, stay tuned for more details.

In the first of a special three-part series, WP sits down with renowned advisor, investor and CEO of financial planning firm Mandeville Private Client Inc, Michael Lee-Chin. To listen to the podcast visit:

PART 1 – Michael Lee-Chin on how advisors can embrace the future

PART 2 – Michael Lee-Chin on what advisors should look for in a brokerage in 2019

PART 3 – Michael Lee-Chin on private investment myths and conditions for wealth creation

Celebrating the Mandeville Difference at the LEVEL UP 2022 Advisor Conference.

   Mandeville Video

Frank Laferriere video

Our Aspiring Advisor Program is aimed at seeking out the next generation of financial advisors looking to start a career in financial advisory and building a business of their own that is truly differentiated in the industry by leveraging the unique platform that we’ve built at Mandeville.

Agha Raza, Chief Operating Officer, Mandeville Private Client Inc.

Sean Moir video

We are excited to join Mandeville where they have built an investment firm that focuses solely on the needs of the client. We are able to offer clients the highest quality services and investment products, such as lower cost separately managed accounts, and ACCESS to high quality private income and equity solutions..

VIDEO: Sean Moir, Portfolio Manager, Mandeville Private Client Inc.

Valuing Our Advisors

We know who turns the lights on at Mandeville

At Mandeville, we are a client-centric organization. Therefore, by de facto, we are also an advisor-centric organization. Advisor-centric Diagram

We have inverted the standard dealer approach to priorities when doing business. Our clients are always placed first, followed by our Advisors and with management at the bottom. We have real "Can do" Culture

Being on the same team means we want to speak with our Advisors, understand their needs and respond quickly and decisively. Everyone is aligned to aid in your success. Employee and Advisor owned means that we share the same entrepreneurial, enterprising and integrity based culture. Mandeville Advisors have direct ACCESS to knowledgeable people who make decisions and want to understand your needs.

Our Offering:

  • Credibility and trust
  • Hands-on knowledge, experience and successful track-record as "Owners, Operators and Insightful Investors"
  • Commitment to Advisor prosperity through a unique shareholder plan
  • A differentiated and proven institutional approach to wealth creation
  • Breadth of public and alternative products
  • Ease of business
  • A dynamic, entrepreneurial and Advisor-centric culture

Technology Solutions





  • SMARSH  

Broadridge’s Dataphile platform is a state of the art, comprehensive, real-time, on-line wealth management software for Canadian investment dealers and mutual fund dealers. Dataphile provides trading, security management, custody, analysis, compliance and reporting functionality to a wide array of integrated and independent wealth management firms. It is used by Mandeville Private Client Inc through Fidelity Clearing Corporation ULC for our investment dealer.

Broadridge Logo

Mandeville’s "Wealthaccess" statement rendering and various fee calculations are facilitated through PureFacts. The PureFacts Wealth Management Suite is the comprehensive solution for the wealth management business. Built specifically for the industry, it provides wealth management professionals with a framework for improving performance, enhancing client service, and managing growth. PureFacts is one of Canada’s fastest growing integrated Wealth Management software companies.

Purefacts Financial Solutions Logo

Fidelity Clearing Corporation provides custody, clearing, and reporting and settlement services for Mandeville Private Client Inc. using Broadridge Dataphile solution. Fidelity Investments has had a presence in Canada for more than 20 years and has been providing back office solutions to dealerships in the US for more than 30 years where it has:

  • $3.5 trillion in assets under administration
  • More than 71 million customer accounts
  • More than 5,000 financial intermediaries served
  • And nearly 440,000 daily average commissionable trades in q4 2010.

Fidelity Clearing Canada ULC Logo

Mandeville monitors and stores electronic messages using the Smarsh email archiving and compliance solutions. This service will capture emails (and attachments) that enter or leave our organization, as well as internal messages, and preserve them all in evidentiary-quality form in a central repository. Within the Web-based Smarsh Management Console, administrators leverage best-in-class search, supervision and on-demand export functionality.

Smarsh Logo

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Please contact Agha Raza, Chief Operating Officer, Mandeville Operations Management Inc.:
905-331-4255 ext.4309