The Mandeville Difference

We believe in providing Canadians with the principles of wealth creation and the ACCESS to tools and products that are truly aligned with the principles of wealth creation.
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Wealth Preservation and Creation

At Mandeville, we are committed to the preservation of wealth for our clients. We understand that significant wealth is traditionally lost by future generations. Our Advisors are devoted to working with families to ensure successful intergenerational wealth preservation via due diligence and principled investing.

The Wealthy Invest Differently. At Mandeville we understand this and have made it our mission to provide ACCESS to investment opportunities both within the public and private realm that are typically reserved for the affluent and institutional investor.

Our Strength and Global Reach

As a client of the Mandeville group of companies, you will have ACCESS to the benefits of our family office resources (via Portland Holdings Inc.’s conglomeration), which means you will have the unique opportunity to invest in the high quality offerings alongside some of the world’s most successful institutions and affluent investors.

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Our Vision

Mandeville's vision is to be a top tier wealth creation organization widely known for its democratization of investment opportunities, professional and disciplined investment approach, its ethics, and superior treatment of clients, Advisors, employees and other stakeholders.

Making Clients Wealthy is Our Mission

We believe that to be successful in any endeavor requires a three-step process:

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Our Investor Role Models

Making Clients Wealthy is the Mandeville mission and as such, we have identified the world’s most successful wealth creators as our investor role models. The world’s most wealthy investors like Warren Buffett and the large pension funds have successfully created wealth for generations.

What is their Recipe?

Our role models create lasting wealth by investing in a mix of both public and private investments, applying a sound investment framework and controlling their emotions.

The Mandeville Difference

At Mandeville, our goal is to democratize private investment opportunities for wealth creation, and where appropriate, provide our clients with the same investment techniques used by our role models. We have determined that there is a common set of principles and behaviours used by our role models to create wealth and our Advisors have this framework in mind when working with you to position your portfolio for optimal wealth creation.

For more information on our investment methodology and framework for wealth creation, see the Mandeville Owner’s Manual.

Owner's Manual

The Mandeville Team

Michael Lee-Chin photo

Michael Lee-Chin

Director, Chairman & CEO

In 1987, Michael Lee-Chin used the proceeds from a prudent investment to purchase AIC Limited (AIC), a small Ontario-based investment firm. Under his stewardship, AIC grew to become Canada’s largest privately held mutual fund company, growing from $800,000 in assets under management to more than $15 billion at its peak.

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Agha Raza photo

Agha Raza

Chief Operating Officer, Mandeville Private Client Inc.

Raza is a strategic planning and enterprise development executive with a proven track record in the financial services, energy, and consulting industries in various global markets. He has been involved in several key strategic initiatives for Mandeville alongside the executive team for over 5 years. Raza also heads the real estate and development arm and international business development for the Portland group of companies. Raza holds a Master of Business Administration with a double major from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor in Economics (Hons.) from the University of Texas at Austin.

Michael Dobbin photo

Michael Dobbin

Associate Vice President, Operations, Mandeville Private Client Inc.

Prior to his role in Operations, Michael was Director of Client Administration at Dynamic Funds and Director, Mutual Funds at Dundee Wealth Management. Michael was the Manager of Operations at the former Berkshire Securities and Berkshire Investment Group Inc. and previous to this; he held a senior role in the Dealer Relations Department at AIC Limited.

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Brian Driscoll, CFP, FCSI photo

Brian Driscoll, CFP, FCSI

Supervising Portfolio Manager and Chief Administrative Officer

At Mandeville Brian is the Supervising Portfolio Manager and Chief Administrative Officer. With over 30 years in the financial services industry, he has extensive supervisory and hands-on experience in Advisory, Trading, Operational Management and Compliance roles at both large financial institutions and small boutique dealers.

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Diana Oddi photo

Diana Oddi

Director of Marketing, Communications and Practice Management

Diana is Director of Marketing, Communications and Practice Management for Mandeville Private Client Inc. Diana has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry working in various roles including project management, sales and corporate affairs.

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Michel Deschenes photo

Michel Deschenes

Director, Business Development

Michel is the Director, Business Development, Michel has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Mandeville, Michel has covered different aspects of Business Development such as proactively managing corporate/advisor relationships, ensuring advisors needs are met, supporting recruiting efforts and providing high level support to advisors.

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Kevin McMahon

Director, Product and Portfolio Management

Kevin is a Supervising Portfolio Manager for Mandeville’s PMA Program and lead Portfolio Manager on the Public SMA mandates. Additional responsibilities include oversight of Mandeville’s Private SMA program and product due diligence related to the Dealer’s Product shelf. Kevin has more than 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry working in various roles.

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Our Financial Advisors

Personalized Care and Customized Solutions

Mandeville is committed to delivering the highest standard of excellence in personalized customer service. Mandeville Advisors take the time to learn about their clients' goals and aspirations and incorporate this knowledge into a customized wealth program that is aligned with the most successful private and institutional investors.

Independence and Excellence

What sets Mandeville apart from other advisors is its pursuit of excellence. Our advisors are independent professionals. This means they enjoy the freedom to recommend only those products and services which are best-suited for their clients. Clients of Mandeville advisors enjoy ACCESS to a distinctly unique lineup of private and alternative investment products.